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Form I-9-Section 2 Completion

Fieldprint offers a one-of-kind, remote I-9 solution to handle hires in areas where you have no office or company representative available. Through the remote Form I-9 process, the new hire completes Section 1 online and then schedules an appointment at one of our more than 1,900 Fieldprint Station nationwide sites. At the appointment, the new hire presents the required Section 2 documents to a Fieldprint site operator, who completes Section 2. The system is designed for ease of use for the operator to select the documents viewed from the drop-down menus, enter any required information and attest to the fact that they personally viewed the documents by affixing an electronic signature to the I-9.

We also offer clients the option to utilize the remote network for Section 3 Reverification services. When reverification is required, our system allows the client to access the form I-9 to perform all tasks associated with reverification or updates as indicated by Section 3. All actions are electronically logged and tracked, and new expiration dates are automatically registered for future notifications, if applicable.

What They're Saying

Our experience with Fieldprint has been wonderful.  As soon as we request something, it gets done, and all of our phone calls and e-mail requests are answered in a timely manner.  The myFieldprint, administrative site is very user friendly.

Large School District

I just want to tell you that I am very pleased with Fieldprint!!! Your process is very well thought through and very "user friendly".
Thanks for the great support!!!

Department of Defense Contractor
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