Why Fieldprint?


At the heart of Fieldprint is HANK, our proprietary back-office fingerprint system. HANK, which is the platform for our service delivery program, is named after Dr. Henry Faulds, the British physician who in 1890 was the first to suggest that fingerprints could be used to identify criminals.  

HANK is our leading-edge internal fingerprint management system that gives us unparalleled oversight of the services that we deliver to our clients. HANK features enrollment, site location, scheduling and store and forward modules that manage the entire fingerprint enrollment and transmission process.  

Collection Site Database
At the core of HANK is our comprehensive collection site database. This database contains detailed information about each of our more than 1,900 electronic and 8,000 print card collection sites. This detailed information includes basics such as the site address, hours of operations and special instructions, as well as performance-based information, including the results of post-collection applicant surveys and mystery shop evaluations. These features allow us to continually monitor site performance.
Scheduling Site
Our secure online 24/7/365 scheduling website provides an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for locating a convenient collection site and setting up an appointment. The website interface can be configured to reflect your specific program requirements and can be modified according to your parameters, including the type of collection sites that are presented, the maximum distance of sites to be displayed and any custom disclosure and consent forms to be included in the enrollment process. The system can also be customized to include online instructions, guidance, waivers/releases and documentation specific to your program.
Store and Forward
We submit all fingerprints for processing via our proprietary, state-of-the-art Store and Forward System. This system is designed to securely receive, translate, store and transmit applicant fingerprint and demographic data between a wide variety of fingerprint sources and channeling agencies. All elements of the system are designed as scalable, modular components to allow for rapid and effective integration with an unlimited number of external systems and repositories.

The Store and Forward System is fully compliant with FBI CJIS Security Policy and provides NIST-compliant fingerprint file submission to repositories using submission protocols that include secure FTP (SFTP), S/MIME encrypted emails, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and HTTPS.

What They're Saying

Our experience with Fieldprint has been wonderful.  As soon as we request something, it gets done, and all of our phone calls and e-mail requests are answered in a timely manner.  The myFieldprint, administrative site is very user friendly.

Large School District

I just want to tell you that I am very pleased with Fieldprint!!! Your process is very well thought through and very "user friendly".
Thanks for the great support!!!

Department of Defense Contractor
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