Technology and Facilities

As an organization, we go to great lengths to protect data, use best-in-class security measures and continually monitor our business practices and policies. 

Maintaining and protecting data, and ensuring the security of our systems and the information housed by our systems are fundamental concepts across all of our technology offerings. We have implemented a secure, redundant infrastructure on which our systems run, as well as a wide range of security systems, policies and procedures to ensure that our systems operate in a secure manner. 


Our physical security infrastructure includes multiple security measures, including biometric (iris scan) and crypto card requirements for entrance; zoning of operations and IT areas with unique clearance requirements per area; secure entrance mantraps; and logging/badging of visitors. Additionally, all access is monitored and recorded via digital cameras. Our data centers are climate controlled environments that include additional biometric and crypto card controls with digital video monitoring and recording. Data center access is granted only to a small subset of IT department employees. A security system is in place and is monitored 24/7/365, and all windows to our facilities are secured with a protective film to protect against forced and natural breakage.

Our technology infrastructure is comprised of industry-leading equipment and software provided by Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and NetApp. A wide variety of security mechanisms including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, anti-virus and data leakage prevention systems are in place to prevent and detect unauthorized or inappropriate access to systems or data. Security-sensitive data stored on our systems is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

At the collection site level, our Fieldprint Stations store minimal information for a minimal length of time. All fingerprints are captured, transmitted and then, once successful transmission has been confirmed, the fingerprints are automatically erased from the station. As an additional security measure, the Fieldprint Station sites are specially designed to limit the user’s access to any applicant personal information. The only demographic information available at the site is the applicant’s name and date of birth for identification purposes.

Business Continuity

We maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that accounts for the recovery of our system infrastructure and continuity of our business operations. Our disaster recovery plan utilizes our multiple existing facilities, which are capable of supporting information technology systems and operational processes. Our goal is to provide full redundancy for each of our facilities such that we can fully recover a single facility should we have a total disaster at another location.

The infrastructure we have developed supports Fieldprint’s Store and Forward System, a state-of-the-art system designed to receive, transform, store and transmit fingerprint and demographic data between a variety of fingerprint sources and channeling agencies.

All fingerprint information is securely stored on encrypted media and may be automatically or manually transmitted based on a client’s preferences. The forwarding of electronic files can be accomplished using a number of electronic transmission protocols such as secure FTP (SFTP), S/MIME encrypted emails, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and HTTPS. When fingerprints are transmitted from a collection site to Fieldprint, they are encrypted using AES-256 encryption and transported across the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. 

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Our experience with Fieldprint has been wonderful.  As soon as we request something, it gets done, and all of our phone calls and e-mail requests are answered in a timely manner.  The myFieldprint, administrative site is very user friendly.

Large School District

I just want to tell you that I am very pleased with Fieldprint!!! Your process is very well thought through and very "user friendly".
Thanks for the great support!!!

Department of Defense Contractor
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